Join the Education Voyage

The crew of the Polynesian Voyaging Society invites you to join us on our Worldwide Voyage to Mālama Honua!  Mālama honua is a Hawaiian concept that means to care for our Island Earth.  Our Hawaiian voyaging canoes, Hōkūle’a and Hikianalia, are beginning their journey around the world to learn, create global relationships, and explore how to care for our oceans and Island Earth.  Please join us and help us launch our third canoe,, to track and interact with the canoes and crew from around the world!

The Mālama Honua Worldwide Voyage encourages learners of all ages to help us build hopeful solutions for our oceans and Island Earth.   Through this voyage, we can learn from each other and help instill in young people the skills, leadership ability, and “mindset of the navigator” that can build a better future.  Start by watching this video that provides a short introduction to why we voyage and what this voyage is about.

After watching the video, visit the third canoe to access tools such as our Track the Voyage map, resources on Polynesian navigation and wayfinding, and ways that the crew and communities can share their own stories of positive change.  Use these and other tools for learning, exploring, and connecting with others locally and globally that share common values and commitments.  Our website can help you locate and join efforts near you, as well as share stories near and far so that we can work together for positive change and social action. More importantly – please keep reading to find all the ways that you and your students can contribute to the success of this monumental voyage.

Ways to Participate

If you are an educator interested in connecting your classrooms and school to the Worldwide Voyage and you haven’t already watched the Educator Information Session, this would be the best place to start to get all of the information about what will be offered to schools for the voyage. Click here to watch.

join-exploreExplore along with Hōkūle‘a and Hikianalia through our website. Track the voyage, read crew blogs, and learn about the history and future of Polynesian voyaging. Through our Learning Center, check out the multitude of science experiments, curricula, resources, upcoming opportunities and partnerships that support this voyage and voyaging education.   Please let us know if you download and utilize the lessons in your classrooms and programs – we’d love to hear your feedback via our  Google+ Community.

join-joinJoin a community of individuals and organizations through our many digital avenues. Click here to sign up for WWV E-news and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.  Join our  Google+ Community to have access to live updates, but most importantly interact and share with others.

join-connectConnect with your local and global community to spread the mission and values of Mālama Honua! Ask our crew a question while they are voyaging. Plant a tree or join the ʻai pono movement to contribute positively to our natural environment. Share your story of your place and how you mālama honua – care for Island Earth.  Share your learning journeys that engage your community through an educational experience. If you are an educator please help us grow our collective voyaging education resources – if you have a great curriculum or lesson plans to share, you can share with us here.  If you have implemented any of the curricular resources you found on our website, please share your feedback with us via the Google+ Community.

join-adoptAdopt the voyage to show how you and your community are taking action to Mālama Honua and care for Island Earth.  In order to adopt the Voyage, we invite you to: 1) Sign A Promise to Children, 2) fill out the Adopt the Voyage form, and 3) share your experiences with our Google+ Community.

If you have any questions, please email our Learning Center team at, or use the contact form found at the bottom of each page of the Learning Center portal.

E mālama pono!
The Polynesian Voyaging Society Learning Center Team